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Not one-of-a-kind (we usually make up to 5 pcs of same or similar design), this gives us opportunity to offer both high quality and affordable price 

Fursuit for sale for teenagers/adults, fits height range: 4"5' (135 cm)-5"8' (170 cm)
Fursuit partial - 2 PCS SET - HEAD, HAND PAWS

Model at the pictures - 5"4’

Fully lined foam based fursuit head, not balaclava style - has room inside (wide)
Luxury shag fur
Breathing through open mouth. Breathable eye pupils (netting).
3D follow me eyes (good view through black eye parts)
Static jaw
3D Hand paws with puffy pads

Customer Reviews

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Great quality, fast shipping!

Ordered directly from the website on May 8 2024, got it on June 10 2024.

Quality is great! The construction of the base, the fur, and the lining inside are well made, quality, and assembled well. The suit looks just as it does in the photos, and arrived in good shape.

The handpaws are great as well! The pawpads are very plush which might make handling things difficult while wearing, but they look amazing.