Step 1

Chose your favorite animal or animal with characteristics that best represent your character

Step 2

Browse animal types and see what characters we have. If your animal is not on the list, it means we do not offer it (and will not commission it as well). 
Wolves Foxes Raccoons Dogs Cats Rabbits Tigers Otters Dragons
Define which costumes attract you most. Pay attention to your favorite colors and emotions of a character.

Step 3

Define your size: measure your height in feets+inches or in centimeters. Compare your height with height range given in fursuit description. 
Small sizes 4"4 (135 cm) to 5"4 (164 cm)
Medium sizes  5"4 (164 cm)-6" (182 cm)
Tall sizes  6" (182) and UP
If you wear glasses – write a letter to our support – we will tell you if selected fursuits can be worn with glasses.

Step 4

Make sure you understand our pricing and differences between models. Here is short explanation article. 

Step 5

Define when do you need a fursuit. If you need it quickly for some occasion or simply do not like shipping from far away, look at the fursuits located on stock in your region. Shipping time within region – up to 10 days, with tracking. 
USA/Canada                     EU (European Union)
If you can wait or do not mind shipping from abroad, all costumes are accessible to you. Shipping time from EU to USA - 3 weeks on average (4 weeks - Xmas), by state post with tracking. For international shipping we mark our fursuits as gifts so there are no/low customs taxes.