Welcome to Oneandonlycostumes, your destination for enchanting mascot costumes! We specialize in crafting high-quality animal mascots that spark joy and capture hearts. Our team of skilled designers and craftsmen brings your imaginative characters to life with precision and passion.

 We offer custom mascot characters based on existing head bases such as cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, tigers, dragons, racoons, rats. Check out our gallery to learn more:

 Partial suit - head, hand paws, tail - from $900

Partial suit + - head, hand paws, feet paws, tail - from $1100

Full suit - from $1800

Timing - 2-2.5 months

Please send your quote requests with sketch attached to chat or oneandonlycostume@gmail.com, subject "Mascot quote". 


Mascot costumes are used by organizations that aim to enhance engagement, create a positive brand image, entertain audiences, and promote their values, products, or services:

Sports Teams: Professional, college, and school sports teams often have mascots to represent their team spirit and engage with fans during games and events.

Schools and Universities: Many educational institutions have mascots to build school spirit and create a sense of community among students, faculty, and alumni.

Theme Parks: Mascot characters are a common sight in theme parks, providing entertainment and photo opportunities for visitors.

Corporate Events: Companies sometimes use mascots for marketing and promotional purposes at trade shows, conventions, and other corporate events.

Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits may use mascots to raise awareness for their causes and engage with the public during fundraisers and community events.

Festivals and Parades: Mascots can add excitement and entertainment to various festivals and parades, delighting attendees of all ages.

Public Events: Mascots are often seen at public events, such as charity runs, community gatherings, and family-oriented celebrations.

Sports Events and Tournaments: Apart from sports teams, mascots are frequently present at sports events and tournaments to entertain the audience.

Children's Parties: Mascot characters, especially those featuring popular animated characters, are commonly used at children's birthday parties and special events.

Advertising and Marketing: Brands and companies may use mascots in their advertising campaigns to create memorable and recognizable symbols for their products or services.

Amusement Centers and Arcades: Mascots can be part of the experience in amusement centers and arcades, adding an element of fun for visitors.

Fundraising Events: Mascots can attract attention and draw crowds at fundraising events, helping to generate interest and support for the cause.