Oneandonlycostumes product advocate

Do you own a Oneandonlycostumes fursuit? Or do you have a furry-related social network with 500+ subscribers? Maybe both? You can promote our specific products and earn a 2.5% commission on each sale!

Here's how it works:

Send your request to participate to (with the subject "product recommendation"). Include a picture of your fursuit, a link to your social network, and your country. We'll review your content to ensure it aligns with our brand values. Once approved, we'll provide you with a link to sign up for our affiliate program.

In your affiliate account, you can:

a) Select our product and create a unique link. Any sales made through this link will be credited to you. You need to agree with us wich products to promote so you both like them and we are able to deliver them fast. 

b) Track the performance of your recommendations, including the number of clicks and sales generated.

If you own a Oneandonlycostumes fursuit but don't have enough subscribers yet, don't worry! You can start or expand your own YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram network. Meanwhile, you may also start to recommend our products to your friends and share with them unique tracking # of your Oneandonlycostumes fursuit order. When they buy - they need to put this # in comments - a sale can be easily attributed to you. 

When we make a sale through your links and tracking #, you can choose to receive your reward in cash (via PayPal, after the customer receives their product), or use it as a payment or discount (depends on funds accumulated) on your next purchase.

*** Before you begin recommending our products, make sure to familiarize yourself with our current product offer!!!