Medium Plus



* head and hand paws, tail is not available

* head and hand paws, standard tail is included in some models, or available for $65+

* same features as $590 

* same  features as  $630

* sutable for weaing at home, parties, start of fursuting such as visiting conventions

* suitable for more experienced fursuitters, great for conventions

have flexible wire in the mouth to open it wider for better  breathing

* only one copy (unique)

* lined inside, washable, have waterproof eyes, long fur is not as fluffy (lower density) as for more expensive models

* lined inside, washable, have waterproof eyes, long fur is very fluffy (luxury shag type), paws have 3D fingers, paw pads are puffy (synthetic filler)

* hand paws are flat and pads are flat (made of felt)

*hand paws have 3D fingers, pads are puffy (synthetic filler)

* head base shape is more complex, design is more complex (rare colors and color combinations, more parts), made by more skilled artists in our team with attention to very small details, 

* we make many copies

*copies are limited so fursuiters at conventions have low risk to see the same character