Every year, we host the 'Win Free Fursuit' contest, inviting kids aged 9-16 to participate by critiquing our designs, suggesting animals for future creations, and sharing insights into what kids do in their fursuits. We're thrilled to receive around 50 heartfelt letters annually from positive, creative, polite youngsters hailing from the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

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These letters provide a glimpse into their fursuiting adventures, illustrating the purpose of fursuits for children and highlighting the joy and creativity they bring to the lives of our little clients. In a sense, this addresses the question: what educational value does a fursuit offer?

“I like to go public suiting to parks and play with little kids and I like to visit my grandparents in fursuit occasionally because they love it and always makes them smile”

“ I own fursuit I’ve created half a year ago now and I tend to use it for a lot of TikTok-related content and social media posts.  I’m very passionate about media creation and my fursuit is an outlet to help appeal to the furry audience”.

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“I use my fursuit to express myself for who I am. I also use it because it helps me a lot with my depression and my anxiety”.

“I like to wear my fursuit and go to parks with it and I like to make TikToks with my fursuits”

“I like to wear my suit to make silly videos and cheer people up, I also public suit and interact with kids to make them happy! Though the suit is for my enjoyment I like to make other people happy with it!”

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“I have a cat fur suit. I love using it to cosplay in as I can express myself so freely as my fursona!”

“I only own hand paws and a tail and they're of my really cute oc! I love using them to entertain my family and friends.”

“I use my future suit to go to furry cons and feel confident about myself because I've been struggling with that.”

“ I do have a few suits! I really enjoy filming videos and taking photos with them, as well as going to furry meets and parks!”

As these young adventurers continue to explore the world of imagination and creativity in their fursuits, they remind us of the great possibilities that come with self-expression, and learning through play.