We are delighted to announce the winners of our contest:
1st prize (free fursuit): Dennis from the USA, awarded for an exceptional commercial suggestion.
2nd prize (tail or paw commission): Arcade from the USA, recognized for proposing improvements in commission structures and submitting the most sincere letter.
3rd prize ((tail or paw commission): Lupaarts from the USA, acknowledged for providing comprehensive analytics on media influencing fursuiting characters.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated, contributing over 100 detailed letters brimming with amazing suggestions!

In the near future, we are set to revamp our basic line, with enhancements to head bases and eyes, the introduction of the "regulated mouth" feature for improved ventilation across all costumes, and the discontinuation of felt paw pads. Additionally, we are excited to offer several K9 dogs in medium and large sizes, as well as rare species like Protogen, Sergal, Manokit, and new additions including lizards and dragons.

Wish you wonderfull 2024!!!

Oneandonlycostumes team
We are happy to announce a contest 2023

1st prize -  free fursuit partial (price $395-$590)

2nd, 3rd prizes - free hand paws or tail commission 

Win free fursuit oneandonlycostumes

Above are some fursuits you may win
(choice will be based on availability on 1.01.2024)
Hand paw and tail commission (2nd, 3rd prize)
can be only done of available materials.

Winners selected based on input value, by our team, and announced on January 1, 2024 

(oneandonlycostumes.com, our etsy store, FB, TW, IG)
Participation open to all, not limited to customers


Email responses to oneandonlycostumes@gmail.com:

1. Which new fursuits, cosplay costumes, related products you would like us to make in 2024 (either you yourself are interested, or you think others may want it but nobody offers)? 

In case you are not our client please look at products we offer to create informed opinion. If you are old customer, take a look at our new offers (as we change). 

2. What do you think we need to improve in our products or communication in 2024? 

Do not be afraid to critique us - we highly appriciate your attention and opinion

3. Tell us about yourself: your age, country, which fursuits/masks do you own? How do you use them?  

* If you have seen unauthorized copies of our pictures and content (fakes), we will be very grateful for the links. This information will add value to your answers. 

 **Submission implies consent for personal data processing and receipt of monthly newsletter. Suggestions become our intellectual property.


Winners of contest 2022 (raffle):

Zofia Manley (Australia) - aussi shepherd fursuit
Stela McNeely (USA) - hand paw commission
Win free fursuit 2023 contest