KIDS FURSUIT HEAD AND TAIL,  not one-of-a-kind

Size: Fits height range: 4"5' (135 cm)-5"6' (165 cm).

More info about sizes.  Fitting on kids- kids fursuit gallery.


* Fully lined foam based head, not balaclava style - has space inside. Weight of a set - 700-750 gr.  
* Soft polyester fur 
* Vision: through black pupils (breathable netting), this model is not suitable for glasses

*  Ventilation: through mouth and eyes (netting)

* Mouth can be opened wider or closed manually (wires inside). Not the same as moving jaw. 
* Care instructions: hand wash warm (eyes are waterproof)


Design: our fursuit characters are designed specially for the kids ages 9-15: toony human image, positive and kind look and eye expression, size & weight of a head, assortment includes most popular kids animals – cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, tigers. We started as kids fursuit makers back in 2015 and developed our characters based on feedback from children. 

Safety: made in Ukraine from non allergic faux fur certified for kids toys (FIM: factory of artificial fur), lightweight soft foam constriction, no sharp edges or hard materials used

Comfort: muzzle is hollow inside (has enough space for better ventilation, can be easily taken off), lined, good vision (small distance between eyes, eyes are made of netting which is more transparent, not buckram, eyes are ventilated too).

Durability: our fursuit can last 2-3 years as child grows. It can be hand washed when gets dirty (eyes are waterproof).
According to client feedback our fursuits are very durable, because many of them are
sold at aftermarket at same or higher price after several years of usage.

Price: we took special effort to design affordable kids fursuit. It does not make sense to spend a lot for a beginner. As one starts to gain experience with fursuitting, it is much more clear what to do next. Our fursuits are hand-made, but their price is affordable because we make copies. We offer professional quality fursuits which means -certified furs, lining inside, 90% of costume is sewn on a sewing machine – only 10% glued, washable, consistency of quality, and we continuously improve them based on feedback.

Educational Value: Fursuit develops role-playing skills (acting as someone else), social skills (communication online and at conventions), imagination, creativity, crafting skills (making fursuit accessories), long term decision making (when purchasing fursuit, a kid learns to choose a log term item and often needs to wait) and even self reflection (understanding their experience of acting as fursuit character). Here we collected some feedback from kids letters on how they make use of their fursuits.