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How to Verify a Legit Fursuit Seller

More and more customers are sharing that they were scammed before discovering us. AI can copy any website content in minutes. In this article, we would like to share our knowledge of fursuit scam situations with examples that we ourselves have gone through.

Types of fraud known to us (from the experience of our customers):

  1. Money is taken for a premade fursuit, but the product itself is not provided.
  2. A premade fursuit is provided, but the quality does not correspond to the picture (or a different product is provided – fursuit paws instead of a fursuit head).
  3. A down payment for a commission is taken, and the maker disappears (an average fursuit industry practice – 30% non-refundable commission).


1. Look at different products pictures of seller in details. Do designs have the same style? The same level of craftsmanship? Or do they appear as if they were taken from different sources?

2. Look at price-quality match. Does the quality of a product in the pictures correspond to the price, or do the prices seem too low? (enlarge the picture and look how carefully nose, eyes, paw pads are made)

3. Compare product picture and description Does a product in the pictures correspond to the product description? Or is the description missing, too short, or oversimplified?

4. Assess content of seller reviews: Search for reviews on the seller's website, independent websites, forums, or social media groups related to fursuit communities. Read the content of reviews, not just focus on the total number of reviews or stars. Look for reviews with both text and pictures. Are the reviewed products the same as the sold products?

5. Assess seller's social media. When was the last post? When was the first post?

6. Payment Method: Exercise caution with sellers who ask for payment via methods that lack buyer protection. Legitimate sellers typically accept secure payment methods like credit cards or PayPal.

7. Start communication with seller. Ask for product details, additional product pictures, past work examples, the possibility of adaptations, and logistics. Ask all questions that are unclear to you.




Some of our products are “sold” at Ali Express. No difference in picture, description at Ali Express description is missing. Price difference - 3 times.  Fursuit scam detection

Wolf fursuit (left) is the most popular fursuit picture ever! Prices on Amazon and Ali Express range from $316 to $399. For comparison, a similar quality fursuit from a legitimate  studio would typically cost between $4500 and $6000. One of the sellers at Ali Express shows final product in more detailed product descripton, which is sort of honest approach (if you read with enough attention). 

legitimate fursuit maker

Here is the same wolf full suit at - it does not show real product you will get. Listing has 3 reviews, one says – “love the paws”. Most probably paws were initially sold and after that listing picture and price were changed. 


One of our customers opened a PayPal case because we did not ship on time. We could not ship because we needed additional information from him. Unfortunately, he did not respond to emails and SMS messages. He still has not responded, and we cannot ship the product. Naturally, he still thinks that we are scammers.

Technological advancements are ongoing, yet can we trust them completely? Self-reliance is a safer bet. Thoroughly investigate the seller before making a decision, and engage in direct communication afterward.

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Mercy Younce:

I am looking for a kids Fursuit my mother does not like the fact that I am a furry cause my fam is Christian. Someone please help me to convince her!


Apr 23, 2024

Mercy Younce:

I am looking for a kids Fursuit my mother does not like the fact that I am a furry cause my fam is Christian. Someone please help me to convince her!


Apr 23, 2024

Garfield boggs :

I have messaged you guys through your sites chat using my account and have sent you guys emails as well and never have gotten any responses can you please help me. Respond to me @ or by phone at 1-607-601-8956

Mar 15, 2024

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