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How to choose kid-friendly fursuit
As specialists in image design who deal with costume character creation for years, we would like to share with you our experience on how to choose kid-friendly fursuit:

Correct character identification. To make your child happy a fursona needs to suit child’s personality, express certain feelings & emotions. If you decide to buy premade fursuit we recommend choosing a character together with a child, browsing through some fursuit galleries first. If you want to make a surprise (birthday present) find out in advance what animal your child would identify himself with. The ideal character would be the one created by the child himself (in this case you will need to commission a fursuit).
Emotion & eye expression. Furries use a fursona (a fursuit character) as a form of self-expression and creativity, they identify themselves with it, and the fursona in its turn transfers its properties to the user. So it is top important that a character is positive. Look closely in the eyes of fursuit . What emotion does it show? We recommend you to avoid evil, stupid, silly, mad eye expressions; gloomy and devil-like appearance.
Overall look: harmony, balance, complexity. Like any art object a fursuit ideally be balanced in terms of forms, colors and textures. The complexity of form/color/texture combinations will influence fursuit price.
Comfort: correct size, breathing, vision, weight. Fursuit for a child needs to fit height (proportions, eye level), eye distance for a child fursuit should be shorter than for adult’s, otherwise the ability to see with both eyes will be limited. Avoid heavy fursuits (ex. angel dragons tend to be heavy because of the big ears and long tails).
Care. Like any clothing fursuit needs to be washed or dry-cleaned regularly. Washing can be harmful to fursuit eyes & airbrushed parts if any. Ask a maker for care instructions in advance.